Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

I Loved a good & creepy way.

Monday, October 26, 2009

K.C. Missouri '09

A week ago Trent & I took a little trip back to Kansas City, M.O. mostly for me to see where he served his Mission, and to just go somewhere I had never been before. Having Trent's undivided attention for 4 days was just a bonus.

You can only imagine my joy and excitement when we walked into our $40 a night hotel I booked on to find this amazing bed. Down comforter, Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Comfy Mattress, Feather Pillows...Saweet! Huge step up from St. George wouldn't you say Morgan Girls?

Look at this cute little car I got to drive all around. I have to admit that was one of my most favorite things about our trip. Trent was afraid he was just going to look like my gay friend riding with me.

Most of the Church History Sites we went to not much of anything but maybe a plaque in the ground or a sign post. This marker was in the middle of a park out in the middle of NO WHERE.

The plaque says "Mill Stone From Hauns Mill"

These cool water towers where EVERYWHERE! I think every town we passed you would see one of these with the towns name on them.

To get to the actual place where Hans Mill took place we had to drive very far and take a narrow muddy dirt road for about 6 miles and follow some very vague directions. The land is owned by the RLDS/Community of Christ church and there was absolutely not a soul within 10 miles of this place. There was a plaque in the ground and this post.

I had never been to an Amish town before and when I heard there was on within driving distance I had to go. It wasn't all say the least. But I did spot several of there horse and buggies.

Jamesport, M.O.

I saw this in one of the Antique stores and I had to take a picture of it because I totally have/had one of these when I was little. I loved this doll, even after one of my brothers ripped little Sandy out of her pocket.
Trent in front of an little General Store in Far West M.O.
Far West, M.O. Future temple site. Nothing here but the cornerstones of the temple and this memorial.

Grave Stone at a Pioneer Cemetary. Interesting hand shake...
Richmond, M.O.

This is part of the only WWI Museum in the nation.

Kansas City, M.O Skyline

We drove out to Adam-ondi-Ahman. Again we were the ONLY people around. It was very quiet and peaceful and I had a lot of fun trying out my new camera. Bear with me as I share some of the pics I took out there.

I love this pic of Trent. He gave me a really hard time about taking his picture, but I think it was worth it.

We visited Liberty Jail which was nothing that I expected. There is an actual Visitors Center built over the top of the actual site Liberty Jail once stood. Inside they have recreated what the jail looked like from the inside and out with manikins inside representing the different men that were imprisoned there. I really liked the little presentation the missionaries showed us there.

This is the inside of the Visitors Center in Independence, Missouri. It was mostly little recreations of what the pioneers went through. There was a really cool log cabin that we went in and got a little idea of what it would have been like to live in a small log cabin with sometimes 5 families in one.

This was the RLDS/Community of Christ temple across the street from the LDS Visitors Center. Talk about Creepy! We did take a self guided tour inside and I got a few interesting pics of different things inside.


There Quorum of the 12...yes there are women.

Looking up through the spiral inside the temple.

Scary statue outside the temple.

Sunday we attended the Branch/Ward that Trent served in the Inner-City part of Kansas City, M.O. Talk about a scary part of town. The people were all so nice.

We had a great time and we couldn't have done it without Trent's brother Mike taking care of our kids while we were gone. He was AWESOME!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. George Marathon...Go Em!

I know what you're thinkin', "Where the crap has she been for the past 4 months? Oh, Now she wants us to look up her blog. Who does she think she is?" That's a whole different post in and of itself.

This past weekend me and my best frousin headed down to St. George to watch my sister Emily run in her very 1st Marathon.

Friday night we stayed in this really saweet motel in Cedar City.

Amy & I enjoying some Chips & Queso Chili's style. Obviously enjoying ourselves.

Luxury beds with mystery stains. Chewed up remote & Chair with more mystery stains.

Plugs pulled out from the wall.

(Don't be jealous. I only show you these pics so you can feel like you were right there with us.)

Sat. morning after a fabulous nights sleep we headed down to St. George to meet up with the rest of the crew that came down to support Emily. Including my G&G Waite, Jenny & Erin (Morgan Cuz's), Amanda & her Fam., My Dad, Teresa & her Fam (Waite Cousin), and Emily's Fam. We had quiet the crowd cheering her on.

It was so fun to be there and watch her accomplish that amazing goal. I was so shocked to see how great she looked afterwards. Later we went to lunch and then back to Em's hotel so she could sit in the hot tub, shower and then went to eat some more.

She lost s few toenails.

Later that night we (Amy, Jenny, Erin &I) checked into another fabulous hotel, went to a movie with our other Bailey cousin Kerra who wasn't too cool to hang out with a bunch of old ladies and Amanda too. Em headed back to her hotel room to crash.
At least this hotel had a gorgeous view. The Lysol was provided by Amy.

Sunday morning we rose from another awesome nights rest had breakfast with almost everyone before heading home.
Just a few of the interesting participants I was able to capture.
"Old Man" This guy was actually about 45 min. ahead of Em and he didn't seem to be struggling a bit. In his 70's I would guess. Wha?
"Emmanuel" Is what I called this guy.

This chickee I believe ran the entire marathon backwards. WEIRDO!

The guy caring the balloons was a pace setter, come to find out.
Great Weekend!!! Way to go Em I couldn't be more proud of you.