Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Part 2 Grand Canyon

Thursday morning we woke up early and headed out from Zion to Grand Canyon. Driving up on the Grand Canyon was very cool. What a site! The first day we just set up camp and took a shuttle out to one of the points for a sunset view. Friday the Matsons showed up around lunchtime and the PAR-TAY began. Watching the kids with their cousins was so much fun. It was a perfect ending to our most fabulous vacation. On Saturday, Trent, Rob and the 4 older boys took a hike down the Canyon and left Emily and I at camp with 6 kids. You do the math. We did have a couple of nice drives into the near by town 10 min. away (trying to kill some time.) We did have a air mattress malfunction that I fixed on my own, after having 2 very uncomfortable nights. The food the entire week was great. The weather was a little unseasonably cold but still better than it was at home. We brought plenty of dirt home and it took me 2 days to get through all the laundry and unpacking. Thanks again to the Matson's for meeting up with us. I have to rate this vacation a big fat 10. You can't beat camping when it comes to spending quality time with the fam.

*If you look at the first 2 pictures I posted you will notice they are Before & After pictures of Tucker picking his nose and then inspecting it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Best Vacation Ever

I'm going to do this post it 2 parts, because it won't let me upload all my pictures.
DAY 1 : We woke up at 3 am Monday morning and headed for Bryce Canyon. Trent wanted to get there early since we were only spending 1 day there. We got very lucky and got an awesome camp site with a really cool hike overlooking the Canyon behind our campsite. We went on a really nice hike, "Navajo Loop" that took us down into the canyon. It was a little muddy in spots and the kids all managed to be covered in red mud when we got back to camp. The kids loved doing the Jr. Ranger program and getting there badges. Trent also started his nightly story telling tradition. We saw lots of beautiful blue birds. The weather was a little chilly but we had a great time. I have to say that Bryce was my favorite of the canyons to look at and explore. I definitely want to go back some day. (Pictures 1-4)
Day 2 & 3: We left for Zion around 8am on Tuesday. It was a really pretty drive up to the Canyon. You go through a really cool tunnel and the view was really nice. We had another nice campsite near the Visitor Center and shuttle bus stop. After setting up camp we took the shuttle for a ride and took a couple of nice hikes. One was the "Weeping Rock/Hanging Garden". It was so cool to see water coming out of this random rock with green plant life hanging around it. Then we went up to the last stop the shuttle makes and took a nice hike up to the river where we met up with crazy squirrels that were very friendly to say the least. There were signs everywhere saying "Do Not Feed The Wildlife Fine $100". That did NOT stop Trent. I had this horrible feeling we were going to get back to the shuttle and there were going to be Park Rangers waiting for Trent with handcuffs. The next day I woke up with a horrible headache. Trent took the 3 older boys up to "Angle's Landing" for a 5 mile 1200ft incline hike. They had a great time and I took the 2 younger ones into the little town for some lunch and sight seeing. The next day week woke up early, packed up and headed for the "Grand Canyon".

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just a few updates I know you have all been wondering about.

Blythe got fitted for her NEW thumb sucking appliance this week. (Also referred to as a "Habit Reminder" I've come to learn.) Yes, you heard right. Even with the torture device in she still continues to suck her thumb. The orthodontist we took her to said that the appliance she has in is much more mild then what he is going to put in. Boy are we going to be in for a treat. Blythe is one stubborn child who obviously has a very addictive personality. We shall see. Stay tuned for that melodrama. Pictures and all.

Tucker got his Hermit Crab. Yay for Tucker. Not so good for man handled "Guitar Hero" (that's what he named the poor thing.) And if your wondering...he didn't come with "erections" (refer to previous post) so we shall see how long Mr. Guitar Hero stays around.

The big boys finally rapped up their Wrestling Season, and boy was it a knock-out drag-out. I am very proud of both of them. State was a hard tournament for them and I think all around it was a character building experience. Hayden took 4th and Brigg took 7th (out of 21). Way to go boys!


We are off to the Grand Canyon and other such Canyons. Pictures and stories will follow in a week.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Warning: May contain sexual content.

True Story. Tucker is obsessed with pets. It could be ants, rolly pollies, fish, or tonight it was hermit crabs. He lost his pet caterpillar today and was asking me tonight if he could get a new pet caterpillar. I was watching my ever important reality T.V. and didn't want to be bothered so I said "Yes". Then he asked "Can I have a hermit crab?" Again, I said "Yes". After much excitement and informing all the kids he was getting a hermit crab he climbed back up on my lap and asked, "Do pets come with erections?" Of course I paused my ever so important reality T.V. at this time, and asked him "What did you say?" He repeated himself again, "Do pets come with erections?" By this time Brigg's ears perked up in the next room. Without bursting out in laughter I asked Tucker "What are erections?" He said, "You know, those papers that come with your pet and tell you what to do." We were worried that when we named him "Tucker" he was going to have problems with his T's. Little did we know it was going to be his D's.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who Would You Vote For?

I love this picture Trent's Grandpa sent me because it pretty much sums up how I have been feeling about this years Presidential Candidates. What's your vote...Larry, Moe or Curly?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Believe It Or Not!

My entire life I have never been able to run. I hated even the thought of having to run for any reason. When I was in school and we had to "Run" the mile for our yearly physical fitness test I would always try and run the first lap and then after failing that I would just walk the rest of the way. I also always thought that I wasn't even physically capable of running. Then I turned 35 and certain parts of my body started heading south. I also couldn't fit in most of my clothes even though I hadn't really gained weight. I had a couple of siblings (you know who you are) who made me feel that if I just gave running a try I could do it and might even enjoy doing it. Then finally I had a friend ( you know who you are) who convinced me I could do it and she would even do it with me. So about 4 weeks ago we started this great training program . I can't say that I love running but I do love the sense of accomplishment I feel after I have ran. I never thought I would be able to run more than 60 sec. and now I am doing much more than that. Thanks to all my inspirations and to my awesome running partner. I am proof that anyone can do it. Sherod you can wet yourself now!