Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grandpa & Grandma Waite

Guess who we got to see today? I love these two people so much. They are such amazing and wonderful grandparents. They are awesome examples to me and my family. It was so nice of them to go out of there way today to stop and say Hi! I don't get to see enough of them. They are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this year. Thanks for coming to see us G&G Waite. I love you!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Recognize this picture? Ya, me too and guess what? It goes for my own children too. I hate this time of year so much because it's the time of year EVERY stinkin' kid in the neighborhood, including mine, comes peddlin' the same ole' crap to my door. There are SOOOOO many reasons I HATE fundraisers.

1. Now I have 3 kids bringing the same stuff home.
2. Now I have 3 kids things I have to keep track of, because if I don't guess who's paying for it.
3. Now I have 3 kids who ALL want me to buy there stuff because(refer to reason #4)
4. The school has thrown some big assembly, they have taken our kids out of class for, and pumped them up to sell THEIR stuff, and told them they can win some STUPID prize, which you can buy down at the local Dollartree.
5. Everyone they want to sell to already has a kid who's having the same conversation I am having with my kid. The ones who don't have kids you would rather NOT bother.
6. Haven't we already sent enough money to school for this and that?

When they say "Fundraisers are optional", what they are really saying is "You can let you students teacher know you don't want to participate in the fundraisers, but they are going to come home anyway begging you till they are blue in the face to bring the CRAP home."

Okay, now I feel better.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last night at approximately 10:45 pm I finished THE book. I'm such a slow reader and never allow enough time in the day to read. I wanted so desperately to finish in enough time to engage in this persons "Smart Remarks" book club, but oh well (said with a long sulking face.) Now I'm going to go back and read all the "Smart" remarks and reviews everyone left on there blogs. Just so you know:


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile, hence the old picture.

Disclaimer: This may sound sappy to many of you, sorry.

Moving from California to Utah was one of the hardest things I have done, in so many ways. It was not a smooth transition for our family. Trent was not able to find a job, it was the first time we had ever not lived close to family, we were in another state which felt like a different planet and most of all I was lonely. I can't believe we have officially lived here 3 years (as of Aug. 24th.)

At the beginning of the year I had made a decision that this was going to be the best year EVER. Despite a huge disappointment in a failed business venture, which we need not go into anymore detail, this has been a great year.

In Feb. a friend/acquaintance of mine had asked me, or I asked her, whatever, if I would start running with her. Despite my lack of energy and enthusiasm one of the best things that has happened to me since we moved to Utah accrued, I made a FRIEND.

friend (frend) n. 1. a person whom one knows well and is fond of; close acquaintance 2. ally 3. a supporter or sympathizer 4. reliable 5. to act as a friend to, befriend...ANNA D.

Anna D., yes we have the same name how cool is that, has become one of the dearest friends I have ever had. Is that sappy enough for you? I can't even begin to explain how much this has meant to me over the past few months. It has literally been years since I have felt the kind of kinship I have felt with her. We have so much fun together and I cherish our friendship more than she may ever know. If someone asked me "Who's your BFF, besides your Husband of course, who would it be?" Duh? No pressure Anna D. I know how wildly popular you are and there is no need to reciprocate...But I know who you would rather hang out with...RIGHT!

She has helped me to come out of my cave and has even shared many of her friends with me, because she has so many to share. I truly feel that she cares about me and would do anything she could for me. I think she loves me. Isn't that what a friend is all about?

So the point of this post is this: I have a great friend who I have appreciated her service and kindness towards me. Thank you for reciprocating the love. Thank you for making this a great year. Thank you for being my friend. You're awesome!

Side note: If you end up moving...Yes, I will stalk you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bugs & Boys

What is it with Bugs & Boys? For realsy. Tucker has been OBSESSED with bugs forever. Lately we have had an invasion of Praying Mantis in our area. He catches a new one everyday. He loves bug books and one of his favorite is this guy's book from Animal Planet, Ruud. On the cover of his book is this picture of him with a tarantula on his face. Tucker came to me with this Praying Mantis on his face and wanted his picture taken. What a boy! It actually really creeps me out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day of School

Yes, I woke up this morning singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". It was a beautiful morning. I have pictures to prove it.

Brigg: I got to embarrass as his bus passed by blowing kisses and waving at him. He reported that school was "OK".

Hayden: Self proclaimed "Ladies Man" woke up with what we thought was an abscessed tooth (BTW I'm such a good Mom I ignored it for 3 days). Reported that his teacher was a little mean but that Savannah M. was "Hot!"

Micah: Had a great day even though he got stood up on the playground by his cousin and friend.

Blythe: Loved being at school ALL day but not so much the last one left on the bus because she never got off on her bus stop, however loved the fact that the bus driver turned around and gave her curbside drop off. Better luck tomorrow.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Final Countdown!!!

I know many of you may not be on the same page as me but...I CAN"T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!! Every summer I tell myself I am going to do my best to enjoy a nice summer with my 5 wonderful children but then...

I actually did really well this summer up until a few weeks ago. I know I have already complained in previous posts but can I just say how HAPPY I am that school is starting Monday. A few weeks ago Blythe asked if I would make her a countdown calender for when school starts and I said "Would I ?!" She was tired of asking me and I was tired of telling her, not that I wasn't fully aware of when school was starting.

Thursday we met the kids teachers and visited there classrooms. The kids seemed excited. Brigg of course had no desire to go to his "Back To School Night". He is so pubescent (a entire of post of it's own.)

So tonight will be school hair cuts, Sunday will be Father's blessings, and Monday will be the best day of the year...Breakfast Anyone???? We are celebrating the first day of school by going to breakfast at IHOP in Lehi at 9:00am. Anyone and everyone is invited. My kids think I'm the meanest Mom for being so excited for them to go back to school. Little do they know I am on the verge of homicide and there lives are being spared.

It will be just Tuck and I for a few weeks and then he will start PreSchool.

Top 10 Things I am Looking Forward To When School Starts

1. My house to stay cleaner longer than 1 hour.

2. Not feeding my kids lunch.

3. 9pm bedtime.


5. No more in and out, in and out, in and out ALL DAY LONG!!

6. No more snack shacks (No offense Christina T. and Salinas)

7. No more 24/7 snack time.


9. 4 kids in ALL day school.

10. Mom & Tucker time.

Top 10 Things I'm NOT Looking Forward to About School Starting

1. Homework, Homework, Homework

2. Reading Time

3. Morning Rush

4. Kids calling from school because they forgot something.

5. Bedtime Rush

6. 'A' Track early morning schedule

7. School friend DRAMA

8. Scheduling every ones after school activities

9. Keeping track of every ones school stuff & NAGGING!

10. It only lasts till the end of May....just kidding!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

At Last!

After living here for 3 long years without ANY of my family here, it has finally come to pass.


I am so HAPPY. I thought it would never happen. Not only did they move to Utah but they moved 2 miles from us. I couldn't be more pleased. Amanda is so much fun to be around and we are going to have some great times. She is such an amazing sister and friend and I feel so lucky to be able to be around her so much more now. She has moved here from Boise, ID where they have lived for a long time. Her husband is searching for a job at the moment and we are hoping that this will be a smooth transition for the whole family (He's a really smart computer geek so if you know of any jobs out there let us know.) My kids are thrilled to have more cousins close by. Our kids will even be going to the same school.

Thanks Amanda for making Utah the best place to live, NOW. I love you!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Local Hoodlum

I am so ready for school to start. I have really done well
this summer for the exception of this last week. I
can't take another second of the fighting, the begging,
the disobedience, the hunting down kids, finding
Popsicle sticks everywhere, cleaning up after EVERYONE
ALL DAY LONG, having to fix 3 meals a day, neighborhood
kids (sorry friends I do love you), no bed time, the flies
from the doors being left open, being a cruise director,
the snack shacks, and now this little hoodlum getting
into my garage and tagging the dryer with BLACK
spray paint. Granted that dryer has been in our
garage for almost 3 years, but I was getting ready to list
it on KSL. Now What???? I could have just strangled
him. He's so lucky he didn't tag the new freezer
sitting next to it. Then there might have been
blood shed. I NEED A DIET COKE so bad. It has
been 8 days off the stuff and today is the 1st day

I have really felt like that is the only thing that would make me feel better at this point. Good thing Anna D. has offered to be my 12 step sponsor and has talked me out of it for now. What would I do without her? I am very proud of myself for making it this far.

These days when I punish this little hoodlum he runs into the other room and cries "I'm stupid, I'm a loosah (loser)." It takes all the self control I have to say "You are stupid and a loosah." I love this face he makes.
He will actually go to a real preschool this year and I can't wait. Last year he went to our little Co-op preschool and though it was fun I am looking forward to not having to teach and him actually getting some real school time. Next year he will be off to Kindergarten and I won't know what to do with myself. Until then...I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!! Can I get some "AMENS" out there.