Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guess What I Did...Again!

Since the kids didn't have school yesterday and I have been dying to go skiing again we packed the kids in the car and took off up to Alta for there "Free" skiing. Trent was so great and offered to go up and help me with the kids even though he wasn't going to be skiing. ( He is self-employed after all and any kind of injury would...well you know put us out of an income.) I couldn't have done it without him.

These 2 (Blythe & Hayden) took off with it and ended up having a great day. Hayden wouldn't even wait around for me to give him the few (and I mean very few) pointers I had. He is a natural at everything he does. He even said at the end of the day he was ready to trade his snowboard in for some skis. Blythe had a little rough go of it but she stuck with it and with the help of my "Own Personal Ski Instructor" aka Markie she even went up the chair lift and down 2x's. If it wasn't for Markie putting the fear of "running into a tree" she could have kept going...she says.

These 2 (Micah & Tucker) on the other hand had a pretty rough go of it. Tucker said and I quote "I suck at skiing!" Micah kept trying and trying and trying but finally gave up after about 2 hrs. I was proud of him for sticking with it that long. He did say however he wanted to give it another try someday. Maybe Markie will be willing to come up with us again next month and spend a little time with him. I promise he won't scream at you like Blythe did.

Brigg was our "Party Pooper" and wouldn't come with us. I think his exact words were he "Would rather cut off his pinkie toe than go skiing and be cold." WHATEVER! Next time we are making him go.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bragging Rights!

Have I ever mentioned what studs my boys are? Of course I have and I'm sorry for bragging...again, but I just can't resist. This weekend we went up to the Utah State Folkstyle Wrestling Championships with Brigg(14) & Hayden(11). They have been training 4hrs. a day 4+ days a week for this sport. This was Brigg's 9th year of wreslting & Hayden's 6th year. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of these boys. I truly believe wrestling is one of the most physically & emotionally demanding sports. These boys leave their blood, sweat & sometimes tears out on the mat when they wrestle. This sport is not for woosies, and woosies these boys are not. They have both took Local, State, Regional & National medals home. 2 weeks ago Hayden brought home a 1st place medal from a National Tournament and this weekened they both took 3rd in State (Brigg out of 11 Boys, Hayden out of 23 Boys.) They each ONLY lost 1 match, and they were as close as you can get matches. To say I am proud of these boys would be an understatement. Of course they wouldn't be the athlete's they are without the hours of work their Dad puts into their training. This will be Brigg's last year as a "Kid" wrestler. He is now ready for the Big League/High School. Boy is that going to be fun to watch.

Is this kid ripped or what?

Las Vegas Nationals 2004

Hayden's 1st year wrestling 2002

He likes the "Mean" look obviously.
Brigg Reno Nationals 2002

Brigg's 1st Tournament age 5 2000

Look at that chest!

The softer side of wrestling. They actually tried killing eachother on the mat.