Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tucker "Ninja" Man & His "Ninja" Pose
He already lost his hat at pre-school today...why?
Micah "Vampire/Dracula"
Yes, he wore those much too small/tight pants to school today in his high-top tennis shoes. So funny and so embarrassing for him...if he only knew.

Blythe "Little Red Riding hood"
Adorable costume her most amazing mother made for her...she was thrilled.

Hayden "Cheerleader/Claire Bennet"
He was trying different poses...was going for the naughty cheerleader look.

Brigg "Too Cool Teenager"
Refuses to do anything that would draw any sort of attention to himself...especially dressing up for Halloween. "Geez Mom"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School Pictures

I'm a sucker for school pictures. They don't always turn out and I feel they are overpriced, but I can't resist. I feel like it's an opportunity to have a recorded moment in time. So for sentimental and recording purposes here are 2008 School Pictures.

Hayden 6th Grade
(He did his own hair.)
Blythe 1st Grade Micah 3rd Grade

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Blythe!

7 things I love about Blythe

1. She's my only girl, therefore she gets to be my FAVORITE girl.

2. She LOVES pink!

3. She loves to play dress-up and pretend.

4. She loves babies and can't wait to be a mommy.

5. She is very loving and affectionate. Hopefully that will wear off before she's 16.

6. She loves her family very much, even her mean stinky brothers who tease
her to no end.

7. She loves to sing, and boy can that
girl belt it out.

Happy Birthday Blythe! I hope you had a wonderful day. I am so glad you are mine. Don't be mad at me for putting that adorable picture of you with your shower cap on. I love you.

Build-a-Bear Birthday Date
Birthday Outfit

Spartan Cheer-Squad

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Days Later

So, I know this is just a little late but you know all the catching up you have to do after you have left you 5 kids and self sufficient husband alone for 5 days... So anyway I had a blast at Emily's. Have I mentioned how much I love my sistas'? They are all so different and fun to be around. We had so much fun Massages, Eating, Visiting, Eating, Watching T.V., Eating, Walking, Eating, Shopping, and did I mention Eating? We also had a fabulous talent show were I was chosen to be my nephews partner in a race on the trampoline...FUN!!! We took turns getting up with Baby Tait and giving Emily a brake for the week. That was basically just a reminder to me I'm NOT EVERY HAVING ANOTHER BABY!
I don't know how Emily is going to handle 6 kiddos. WOW that sounds like a lot. Luckily she has a couple of the most amazing helpers. ::Shout out to KenKen(9) & Caleb(13) my totally awesome niece and nephew.:: Anyway, I had a great time and when I got home things seemed to be just fine. Thanks to Trent for supporting me and letting me go GUILT free. He's great!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Love This Kid

Last night after Family Prayer I reminded
the kids I was leaving on Wed. and wouldn't be back till Monday. I told Brigg he was going to have to be in charge while Dad is gone and take good care of the kids. ::Flash forward to this morning::
Brigg asked me if we had enough Milk in the fridge to last them till I got back, or was he going to have to get Milk. I wasn't sure what he was asking but I assured him we had plenty of Milk in the fridge, 4 Gallons to be exact. ::Flash forward to Brigg missing the bus to school (2nd time this year):: So I drove him to school. As we were driving he asked me "How should I get us to church on Sunday?" I said "Wha?"
Apparently since last night he has thought this entire time that Trent & I were both going out of town and leaving him in charge for 5 days with ALL the kids. After trying to contain myself I explained to him that "No , honey...I'M leaving town. DAD will still be around, just at work during the day." I asked him why he didn't ask me why I was leaving him with ALL the kids ALONE! I asked him if he was a little scared thinking about being in charge like that. In his pubescent way he said "Ya, a little." I should have also asked him if he really thought I was that kind of Mom???? (I probably don't want the answer to that.)
I'm so proud of him that he was actually going to step up to the challenge and do what he thought he had to do and actually try and take all the kids to church on Sunday, REALLY? Man he can be such an awesome kid!
I'm off to Arizona to have some time with ALL of my AMAZING sista's. And don't worry...Trent WILL be home with the kids.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My 101st Post!

I took this idea from a friends blog (Thanks Jen). In celebration of my 101st Blog Post, here’s a look at our family, by numbers, from 1 to 101:
ONE day a long time ago I met this boy. He went to my High School and I had seen him around at Stake Activities. If anyone had told me at the time I would end up married to him I would have NEVER believed them. TWO months after that boy got home from his mission we were engaged. THREE days after we were married Trent went right to working graveyards. That takes us to were we are now. Our baby boy TuckMan is FOUR years old for another month. I can’t believe how time has just flown by. FIVE years ago we were living in Bakersfield, CA and I was pregnant with out LAST child. I knew after having Tucker there would be no number SIX.
years ago this month I was pregnant with our only daughter Blythe. I can still remember how ecstatically happy I was when I found out I would FINALLY have a girl.
I love it when my kids turn EIGHT years old. It is such an exciting and important birthday. Micah will be NINE in December. He is such a joy and I love to be around him. He makes me smile.

Growing up we had TEN people in our family. Being the oldest had its ups and downs.There were ELEVEN in Trent‘s family. I think he would say there were defiantly more downs then ups.
I was so proud of Brigg when he turned TWELVE. I have always really admired how he has honored his priesthood. THIRTEEN has been a definite transition for him. I can see that the teen years are going to be a roller coaster ride for sure.
I was FOURTEEN when I had my first REAL boyfriend. He was too old for me and I don’t think it lasted for more than a month or so.

Trent and I will have been married for FIFTEEN years in November.

When I turned SIXTEEN I got my drivers license the day after my birthday. One of the first cars I ever drove was my Mom’s Camero. I LOVED that car. I think I also went on my first “So Called” date with Trent then. Long story short him and his friend ditched us.

I graduated from High School when I was SEVENTEEN. I don’t remember much about being EIGHTEEN except I had a serious boyfriend I was trying to convince he needed to go on a mission. When I turned NINETEEN he had finally decided he would go and we actually went to Trent’s mission farewell together. When I turned TWENTY I moved out of my parents house for the first time and moved to Provo to go to school.

Hayden was born on the 21st of May, 1997. He was my smallest baby weighing in at 5 lbs. something oz. He is still to this day a little on the small side and he likes it that way.I was TWENTY-TWO when Brigg was born. I still had braces on and I was told I didn’t look much older than 16. Boy do I wish I still got those kinds of compliments.
Trent started working for the Kern County Probation Dept. when he was TWENTY-THREE years old. He worked there for a decade. Working his way up the ranks.

I have TWENTY-FOUR cousins on my Dad’s side of the family. Trent has no cousins on his Mom’s side and he’s not sure how many on his Dad’s side. Sad huh?
If I had TWENTY-FIVE cents for every time I asked my kids not to talk to me while I'm on the phone or in the bathroom I'd be a rich woman.
TWENTY-SIX was a good age.
On the 27th on January Brigg will be 14. Weird!

When I was TWENTY-EIGHT I was teaching High School at my Alma Mater. I always told myself in High School that I would go back and teach at my High School and I did it. It was truly a dream come true.When I turned TWENTY-NINE I became a stay at home Mom with 3 very wild boys. Wondering if Heavenly Father would ever send me a girl.
When Trent and I were THIRTY my Mom and Dad took us on an Alaskan Cruise. It was the best vacation I have ever had with Trent. I hope we can do it again someday.
I only had one last baby in diapers when I was THIRTY-TWO. I had also started my very own Children’s Performing group and was having so much fun with that.
We moved to Utah when Trent and I were THIRTY-THREE. We have lived here for birthdays THIRTY-FOUR, THIRTY-FIVE, & THIRTY-SIX.
My parents have been married THIRTY-SEVEN years. It will be THIRTY-EIGHT in January.

Trent & I used to mange apartments at 3900 El Portreo. Also referred to as the Hood.
When I turn FOURTY I want to do something AMAZING.

Tucker weighs FOURTY-ONE pounds.

FORTY-TWO sounds like the number of shoes we have in this house. It’s a little out of control.

When I’m FOURTY-THREE years old Brigg should be returning home from his mission. That’s only 7 years away.

When I get a soda from the gas station I prefer to get a FOURTY-FOUR ounce Diet Coke.
FORTY-FIVE minutes seems to be the longest amount of time I have been able to run without passing out.

The kids have already gone to almost FORTY-SIX days of school already.

When I’m FOURTY-SEVEN I will be teaching my youngest child how to drive. Which will make me feel more like FOURTY-EIGHT or FOURTY-NINE. But then by the time I’m FIFTY I should be enjoying some grandchildren. I can’t wait to be a Grandma.
By the time Trent and I are FIFTY-ONE we should be empty nesters…right?
FIFTY-TWO is about how many loads of laundry I do a month.
53% of the time the kids DO NOT flush the toilet.
FIFTY-FOUR times a day Hayden asks me a question. NOT KIDDING!

I remember when my Grandma Waite turned FIFTY-FIVE. She called it “Double Nickels”
I believe my Mom is FIFTY-SIX. And she looks good.

I hope by the time Trent and I are FIFTY-SEVEN years old we have our house paid off.

FIFTY-EIGHT is the number of Blogs I check a day. I know it’s a little compulsive. I’ve actually given up a lot of T.V. for this new hobbie.

I think my Dad is FIFTY-NINE which means he will be SIXTY next year. I think we need to through him a party. What do you think?

SIXTY-ONE is the number of minutes I have spent on this blog post so far.
Someday I’m going to try and drink SIXTY-TWO ounces of Diet Coke.
Someday I hope we have cars that get SIXTY-THREE miles to the gallon. Wouldn’t that be cool.

SIXTY-FOUR is probably the number of stuffed animals Blythe has on her bed right now. She wouldn’t dare move a single one before climbing into bed.

I believe Micah weighs SIXTY-FIVE pounds. He’s not very interested in wrestling this year. He would much prefer Basketball. I better get him signed up soon. Let’s wait for football to be over first.
We have approximately SIXTY-SIX DVD’s and I would say the 67% of them are scratched and not able to watch. So why do I hang on to them you ask. Well I keep thinking I will be able to afford one of those DVD scratch fixers someday and fix them all.

I believe in ‘68 my Dad was serving a mission in Central America. My Mom graduated from High School in ‘69. I love the 70’s.

In ‘71 my in-laws were living in Utah. Where Trent was born. In ‘72 Trent was born in Murray, UT & I in Bakersfield, CA.
In ‘73 my brother Tim was born. We were only 15 months apart.

In ‘74 Trent’s family moved to Bakersfield, CA where they still live in the same exact house.
$.75 used to buy you more than just a candy bar or a pack of gum.

76 was the year my first sister Emily/BFF was born. I love her so much and wish I would have treated her better as a kid.

My family lived in Wasco, CA AKA the Ghetto in ‘77. In ‘78 we lived in Visalia and then in ‘79 we lived in Mesa, AZ where I was baptized.

My Grandma Bailey will be EIGHTY in November. We are going to have a big surprise birthday party for her in California.

In ‘81 we had moved back to Bakersfield, CA were I was born and lived there up until Trent and I moved to Utah. My Grandpa Bailey also died that year of cancer.

In ‘82 I was in the 4th Grade at Eisleer Elementary. My teachers name was Mrs. Stoddard. She was very nice.

83 was the last year the Broadway production of ANNIE was performed. I was obsessed with this play/movie and wanted so bad to be Annie. I had the entire movie memorized. I still love to watch it.

84 was the best and worst year of my growing up years. I had the best of friends in 7th grade and I loved school then my parents picked up and moved to the other side of town. Very traumatic for a 12/13 year old.

85 the year I started High School. This is also the year Trent & I were at Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico at the same time and didn’t even know it.

‘86 My parents took us on a Bahamas Disney Cruise. That was such a fond childhood memory.

87 I had my first serious boyfriend who my parents HATED but I saw him anyway behind there backs and boy did I get in some trouble.‘88 I was the legal dating age and I don’t think I ever stopped dating from that point.
89 my brother and I met Mark & Brenda Sanchez. We dated each others sibs and Tim & Brenda eventually ended up getting married.
90 Trent & I graduated from Bakersfield High School.
91 Trent left for his mission in Independence, Missouri.
92 I attempted leaving home and going to school in Utah. To say the least it didn’t work for me and I ended up back home.
93 I go to see Trent come off the plane after he has served his mission and I am immediately interested. Late that year we are sealed in the Los Angles Temple.
'94 I graduated from California State University, Bakersfield with a Bachelors in Music and my minor in Political Science.‘95 Trent was still trying to get through Bakersfield College but making great progress and working full time.
96 I got my first teaching job for the Norris School District as there Music Specialist. This was the same district my Grandpa Waite had been superintendent of for many years.
97 was the year we bought our first house and the year Hayden was born.
98 Trent received his bachelors degree form California State University, Bakersfield in Business Administration. We had already owned about 5 dogs and counting by now too. But that’s an entire post of it’s own.

99 we all thought the world was going to come to an end. Remember Y2K?

I’m 100% positive I married the right person in the right place.

Now if I could only come up with something for 101. One thing I know for sure…I don’t want to live that long.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Guess Whose Legs?

Can you guess whose legs these are?

Awhile back my BFF (that's Best Frousin Forever) posted this really sweet post about how AMAZING I am. So this is just my way of paying her back. Love ya Amy!

I love the pic of her and our hot friend in our fort that we made.
I also love the picture of her and her sister Erin. They were like twins you know.

Amy was the best roommate EVER! We had many adventures that summer of 1992. Like the time went fishing and caught ALL those fish. That's my Toyota pick-up in the corner of that picture. Good times in that truck, good times.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Football, Football, Football

Football has been our life for the past 2 months and counting. Brigg & Hayden have been going 4-5 days a week and Micah 2 days a week. Do the math...that's 6 days a week of football in the Butler house. I have 3 carpools going and 3 boys going 3 different places. It has been CRAZY! But anyone who knows me, knows I wouldn't have it any other way. I feed off of 2 things, well maybe 3 anyway it's 1. being over scheduled and 2. my kids sporting activities.

Now to the reason for this particular post. Hayden has always got the raw end of the deal when it comes to coaches. He always gets the really nice guy who doesn't know what their doing. Get the picture? Last years football team won 1 game out of 8. Well guess what this years team record was up until Thursday nights game. Hayden's team hadn't won a single game and I think they had only scored 2 touchdowns in 5 games. Thursday nights game was awesome. They played the rival Lehi team and they WON!! Hayden had the game of his career scoring 2 touchdowns, catching an interception, sacking the quarterback and a couple of awesome tackles. He started both offense and defense and was lighting the field up. They even got to play on the big H.S. turf field all lit up. What a game! I am so happy that they can now walk away saying they at least won a game. (2 more to go.)

Brigg's team is doing great 4-2 and will probably make it to the championships. (Post to follow)

Micah's enjoying flag football and had a great game on Saturday in the RAIN!! What a trooper. He makes a good little Center.

Next month Wrestling!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fave Foto Friday

Okay, so first of all I had to find
this picture to prove that #1 Emily and I did wear the same formal (and hair-do.) For her it was a Jr. prom for me I think it was the BYU Preference or something like that. (Amy do you recognize the enormous Glenwood thermostat on the wall behind me?) #2 Emily ALWAYS looked better in my clothes.
The next picture is a fave of mine. How many of our frousins can you spot? I know this was in our Sunset Ave. house (the one with the ghosts) and I know by all the BANGS it was in the late 80's, probably 1988'ish and it was probably some holiday of sorts. Anyone else have any info regarding this photo?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And The Veeners Are...

First of all I would like to thank all those who helped me choose a profile pic and new username. It was a very close call but the winners are...


Now for the winners of my "Happy Birthday to my Blog" PIF drawing. Tucker helped draw the names, it was totally legit.
The Utah Winner is... Christina aka "Utah Mom of 5"
The Out of Town winner is... Landee aka "Tiffany"