Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hard Work Pays Off

First let me begin by saying I wanted to title this post "My Boys Can Beat Up Your Boys" but Trent said that was tacky. WHATEVER! This weekend was the Utah State Wrestling Championships Grecco Roman & Freestyle in Springville, UT. Brigg & Hayden both competed in both styles and Tucker just competed in Freestyle.

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Friday night Brigg had the match of a lifetime against a kid he had not beaten before. It was such a sweet victory for him and proved that all his "Hard Word" had paid "Off". I couldn't have been more proud of him. (He had a total of 4 matches Friday night winning all of them, taking 1st place.)

Hayden had a rough go of it Friday night losing a few close calls and getting robbed by a couple of refs (bad calls). He did come back to win 2 matches by pin and take 5th place.

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Saturday was a whole new start. All three of the boys brackets were stacked. Brigg again ran up against all the kids he had beat the night before and they ALL wanted another shot at him. He ended up winning his first 2 matches and lost his 3rd to the kid he had beat for 1st the night before. He then won 2 more matches before he again was to wrestle off for 1st against the kid who had beat him once that day. It was an amazing match and Brigg ended up winning the match and taking 1st in Freestyle. In my eyes he became a man this weekend. Giving every match everything he had and leaving nothing but blood, sweat and tears on the mat. Congratulations Brigg on a State Tournament of a lifetime.

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Hayden had a great showing at the beginning of his Freestyle tournament avenging a loss from the night before and going into the finals winning 3 matches. He started to come down with some kind of stomach flu and ended up losing his next match and forfeiting the last match for a 4th place finish. It was too bad he got sick cause we think he could have placed 2nd or 3rd for sure.

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Tucker had an amazing tournament winning 3 matches and losing his last match to the kid who would take 1st. He did a great job and I was so proud of him. He's really excited about starting T-Ball. Wrestling has started to get a little old for him and if you ask him now what he would rather do "Pick up dog poop or go to wrestling?" He'll tell you "Dog Poop!"

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This was a picture of Brigg's face after both days of wrestling. The picture doesn't do it justice. He looks like he's been in a huge brawl. (Oh he was.)

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Thanks for putting up with all my wrestling posts. I absolutely love this sport for my boys and look forward to High School with Brigg next year. Now we are all on to Football & Baseball for the rest of the year. To be continued...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break Arizona Style

So me and the 5 kids (yes I took ALL 5 of my kids on a 12 hr. road trip by myself) set off to Arizona last week to spend Spring Break with my sista Emily and her family. I had never driven to AZ to see her before and my kids were needing some culture and recreation. The weather was just what the Dr. ordered and it sounded like we got out of Utah just in time.

We went to a really fun Desert Museum & took in the sights at Old Tuscon Studios which the kids absolutely loved. Brigg got a camping trip in with Caleb's Scout Troop & the girls had many a drama episodes. We made the visit to the Cactus nursery where we became the proud owners of 10 new cactus. We also managed to see the Shelton Family who came down from Central, AZ. I paid way too much for my kids to see the 3-D Monsters v. Aliens. Hayden won the local Marana dance contest (maybe he will blog about it.) We had strep throat (Hayden), the case of the stomach flu (Brigg), and a very clogged toilet episode (Tucker). We also got to see most of the Matson kids play baseball. I even got to go see BFF's hometown/ghetto. (I understand where you're coming from now Anna.)

I'm so glad we went and really appreciate the Matsons putting up with us. I'll make it up to them this summer when they come to stay with us for a couple of weeks.

Now if I can just get through the next extremely busy 6 weeks I will have a nice break coming up.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Love Easter

There are so many reasons I love Easter. For the most part I can track them all back to my childhood (thanks Mom.) Lucky for me my Mom always new how to celebrate holidays, Easter included. As a kid we almost always took a fun family vacay during Spring Break. A lot of the time it included cousins, camping, beach, and tons of fun memories. We spent many spring breaks at Pismo, in fact that is where the above Easter picture was taken:1991. Yes, that would have made me an 18 year old in a white navy blue sailor dress. But guess what? I loved that dress and I loved the fact that my Mom had us all coordinated. I always looked forward to my new Easter dress and all the goodies that came along with it.

This morning my kids woke up to there Easter baskets full of candy and treats and a few of them had new outfits too. We even had a surprise Easter Egg hunt ready for them. I loved sitting in bed this morning listening to how happy they were to find there baskets filled. It just made me remember how much I loved Easter as a kid. Even my 14 year old was having a good time. I'm trying my best to carry on the tradition of wonderful memories of Easter for my kids. Tomorrow we head off to AZ to build some more fun filled memories with the Matson/Oakley cousins. Can't wait.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Finally something to blog about!

Finally this guy was voted off A.I. (Who we have affectionately named "Blind Boy")

I have tried to be so nice but people let's get real...he really can't sing that well and last night was pure torture. Not only is he "legally blind" it should be illegal for him to sing on national T.V. I have to say I have agreed with Simon a lot more this season any other. Simon did have me scared there for a minute when they were trying to decide whether to use there "save." There is an American Idol God.

On an entirely different note, me and the kids are headed to AZ for our Spring Break Vacay next week. Can't wait. I've never taken the kids back to my sister Emily's and they are all looking forward to it.