Friday, May 7, 2010

Cutest Nephew EVER!!!

All my nephews out there, PLEASE don't be jealous but come on... I even tell my kids that Jesse is the cutest baby EVER! I can't help but want to just love up this baby. Tim & Brenda came down Spring Break weekend and we got to hang out and I took a few pics of Jesse. Wish they lived closer.

He's very smart, knows sign language. Get's some of his looks from his Dad.

Love those curls!

Sophie was having fun trying to lick him. (Fun with Photoshop)

Love the vintage look to this one.


Memzy said...

Yay for new posts!! He IS super cute.

Emily said...

I have to agree with you on this one. Jesse is unbelievably cute!

Keep the posts coming.

Will you super please call me tomorrow night when you have time? I could use a talk. Love ya.

Jenny ESP said...

Oh wow! He is especially cute. He's a tiny Tim!

TimW8 said...

Hey Anna I loved all the pics. Jesse did look pretty cute. Brenda has to take credit for that kid's good looks though. You can photograph him anytime you want. See ya next month.