Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proof I'm Getting Old

(Can't say I didn't warn you.)

This kid

Is getting behind one of these
Which is NOTHING like being behind one of these.

Playing this


Do you think this appropraite for Sunday viewing or small children... say below the age of 10?

Just wondering?


Cristin said...

NO freakin way! How can a 20 something year old have a kid old enough to drive? craaaaazy!

Never seen killer clowns but sure like to hear how it is. lol

Jenny ESP said...

Two posts in a row? You really are back!

Driving? No way can he be that old! Well, at least you have someone to run to the store and get more Diet Coke when you run out.

ManicMandee said...

Just think how much easier your life will be when that kid can drive himself everywhere. He has to wait until he's 16 for that right? I don't know how that all works now.

No idea about your movie question.

Hot Pants said...

Thanks for the warning. You only have to be 15 in Idaho. So I guess we'll be moving to Utah in a year and a half.

Markie23 said...

Can you send me a text whenever he's driving on this side of the lake? kthanks.

Landee said...

That is a cartoon right? I see no problem with it. Clowns are never scary. Even the killing ones, cuz of that smile painted on their faces.

PS I'm gonna lobby for the driving age to be 25. Can I get a whatwhat?

eekareek said...

The movie is totally appropriate but I may be a bad person to ask.

onceapickle said...

Yikes. I realize I just keep getting older, but the drivers do seem to get younger and younger and younger! Good luck with that.

And as far as the movie...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't watch it so it's a no for kids and/or Sunday from me!

ps- two blog posts in a row? I like it!

Emily said...

I am in total denial that Brigg is old enough to have his permit. That means that Caleb is almost there too! It was yesterday that our two boys were playing together in your the toy box. SO not right.

That movie looks creepy and definitely NOT Sunday worthy. But, what do I know! :)

Erin Beck said...

Dang he's a handsome little feller.

Memzy said...

Oh. No. He is-int!!!

Ps. I feel complete now that you're blogging again.

TimW8 said...

too much p!nk - funhouse. google it. I like the tune but "evil clowns"??

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things: